World Environment Day observed in Tezpur

World Environment Day observed in Tezpur

Tezpur: The Don Bosco School near Chitra Lekadian observed World Environment Day on Saturday to raise awareness and remind students of the importance of protecting and preserving nature. The program was started by the priest. DBS Principal Theodore Party stands near the Principal Sr Shemily SH, teachers, students and other dignitaries near Chitraleka Udian.

The program started with a wonderful environmental song called “The Earth” sung by school students, followed by a contest with the theme of “Save Earth”. Also, the school students performed a short play. About environmental awareness. Various programs and activities were carried out by the students, such as driving cleanly on and around the school campus, and the message of protecting and saving plants by writing them down on placards spread. We received beautiful messages from students from various homes about the importance of environmental protection.

As part of the program, students planted various seedlings on the school grounds under the guidance of school teachers.

Father in his first session. The school principal, Theodore Party, talked about the importance of the day and why it is celebrated all over the world. “We should avoid using plastic, start using paper bags, and plant more trees to help supply oxygen, improve air quality, save water, and support wildlife,” he said. rice field. He added, “A person inhales about 3 cylinders of oxygen per day. One cylinder is Rs. 700, and for three cylinders the cost is Rs. 2100, or Rs. 7,66,000 per year. That means life expectancy. It takes about 5 rupees for a 65 year old person, which is the value of the air we are freed from trees and plants, he added.

Principal Sr Shemily SH also said that Environment Day is the day of people doing something for the planet and the environment. The environment is like our neighborhood, so we need to save and save it.

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