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World Bicycle Day celebrated with Golagart

Golagart: World Bicycle Day is celebrated on June 3rd every year. On World Bicycle Day, there was an enthusiastic atmosphere among Golagart cyclists. These include Tarun Hazarica, Polinita Pukan, Sugit Jain, Bonoshari Saikia, Cima Saikia, Nilofar Katoon, Alip Saikia, Puneeth Gupta, Ruble Saikia, Shirendra Kanna, Lara Baheti. increase.

The team has been cycling in the morning and evening for the last few years. On behalf of the team, Porinita Phukan said cycling is beneficial to the environment and health. Cycling is the best option now that fuel prices are soaring. On Friday, the team moved through the town of Golaghat to places such as Harmira, Rangajan, Kamabanda and Furkating.

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