Workshop on preparation of roadmap for education held in Sonitpur

Sonitpur Workshop to prepare a roadmap for education

TEZPUR: On Wednesday, the Tezpur University Guest House hosted a one-day workshop at district level on ‘Challenges & Preparation of a Roadmap for Educational Success’.

In the presence of Dr. Biren Das and Deputy Commissioner Debakar Mishra (Registrar, Tezpur University), Member of Parliament Pallab Lochan Das inaugurated the workshop. Principals and Presidents of the various colleges in the district as well as other high ranking officials from the Sonitpur district administration were also present.

Deba Kumar, Deputy Commissioner Mishra stated in his welcoming speech that the workshop had been set up to examine the prospects and challenges of secondary education in the area and to find ways to solve them.

Pallab Lochan das, Member of Parliament was the brains behind this workshop. Dr Tapan and Dr Abani of LGB Girls’ College attended, along with Dr Tapan and Dr Kalita of LOKD College, Dhekiajuli, Professor H.C Gautam and Dr Charu Sharia Nath from Rangapara College.

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