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Workers on duty Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) attacked by Mangal Die

MANGALDAI: As a group of rogues launched a systematic physical attack on a team of Rheinmans working under the Mangaldai Electrical Sub on Thursday, the administration of the Dalan district is in the safety of a key grassroots public service provider in this emergency. And the division of the nearby Mowamari village (MESD) is said to have failed to secure security.

A group of rogues identified as Gopal Sarkar, Jyoti Sarkar, Panjaj Sarkar, and Ranjan Sarkar equipped with sharp weapons attacked, according to the FIR submitted by SDO, MESD.

MESD staff, also known as Samadur Hake, Mani, Rajitha Karita, and Cali Das, rushed to the village around 9:30 pm to respond to LT’s complaints. Power supply workers, known to consumers for their dedicated services, were injured and endangered in this flood situation. The incident is registered in Mangaldai Police Station Video No.230 / 2022u / s353 / 324/34 IPC. However, no arrests have been made until this report was submitted.

Meanwhile, police foreman Raji Mohan Rey promised to take it seriously. A delegation of the Mangaldai branch of the All Assam Power Supply Workers’ Union will meet Mangaldai, a senior APDCL official, to ensure that the accused are legally required and that emergency civil servants are on duty.

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