Workers electrocuted in the Barhampur Bherbheri area of ​​Nagaon district

Workers electrocuted in the Barhampur Bherbheri area of ​​Nagaon district

Nagaon: Part-time worker Dadul Deka Doloi, working under a registered contractor, is moving an electrical post beside the road on Wednesday during the construction of an approach PWD road to Mahamrityunjaya Mandir in the Barhampur Berbheri area. He died after being electrically cut off.

According to sources, the contractor engaged the victim without prior power outages and did not take work instructions to move the electrical posts. As a result, the victim unfortunately came into contact with an 11 KV power line and died on the spot.

Importantly, when the contractor learned of the unfortunate incident, instead of notifying local police and relevant departments, he moved the body of the deceased to his home village of Barapujia in the Morigaon district. Moreover, the contractor also persuaded the villagers to dispose of his earthly body according to religious beliefs, without autopsy the body, sources said.

On the other hand, when the authorities in the APDCL district learned of the incident, they immediately notified the police and requested that the police take necessary measures.

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