Women spend over $ 70,000 to turn themselves into "human Barbies"

Women spend over $ 70,000 to turn themselves into “human Barbies”

The 21-year-old girl, who spent more than $ 70,000 on cosmetic surgery to turn herself into a “human Barbie,” says she was cut off by the whole family because of a dramatic change. German-born Jessica (now called Jesse Bunny) shares her measurements in her Instagram biography. She describes herself as a “growing 2000 cc (cubic centimeter)” cup-sized fashion model.

Citing the Austrian media outlet Heute, Yahoo News reported that Jesse lived in Vienna and underwent three breast implants. She also had procedures for her nose surgery and plumping her lips and buttocks. Over the years, she claims to have spent about $ 73,000 on her surgery.

Jessica talked to Hute and said she could imagine undergoing several more surgeries, but added that her transformation was not favorably satisfied by her family. Jesse revealed that her family blocked her phone and ignored her text message.

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“This is very sad and I especially want to get in touch with my brother and grandparents. I don’t understand why they behave that way just because they look different,” Jesse told Hute.