Heroin Worth Rs 1 Crore Seized From Woman On Assam Train: Police

Woman Forced To Bathe In Public In "Ritual To Conceive Son", Case Filed

Surprisingly, her husband insisted that she take a naked bath in public with people in Pune in Maharashtra as part of “rituals” prescribed by an occultist for having a male child.

After receiving a complaint from the woman, Pune Police registered an FIR (Foyer Investigation Report) against four persons, including her husband, father-in-laws, and Moulana Baba Jamadar, an occultist.

Jagannath Kalaskar, Pune’s Bharti Vidyapeeth Police officer, stated, “Police filed a case under several sections of Indian Penal Code together with section 3 of Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and Related Inhuman, Evil and Aghori Practices and the Black Magic Act 2013 against these four.”

The official from the police said that the woman in her complaint claimed that her inlaws harassed her mental and physically since 2013. They were asking for dowry.

He also told news agency ANI, “Recently, a local occultist requested them to make women take a naked bath under the waterfall in the public. She assured them it would lead to her having a male baby. Following the rituals, the woman was taken by Raigad District to be told to take a naked bath in the open view of all.”