"Floor tests determine who makes up the majority": Sharad Power on the Senna Crisis

"Willingly unacceptable": Devendra Banhart’s No. 2 Post Sharad Power

Veteran politician Sharad Power said BJP’s Devendra Fadnabis, who swore as Deputy Prime Minister of Maharashtra after commanding the party today, could not be “happy” to do so. Mr. Powerle’s Nationalist Congress Party (part of Mahabikas Agadi) lost power yesterday as Uddhav Thacke resigned from the top post.

“I don’t think Devendra Fadnabis was willing to accept the second place of Deputy Prime Minister,” Powerle was reportedly told by news agency ANI.

“It can be seen on his face, but he lived in Nagpur. He accepted that position because it is his spirit as swayamsevak (of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh),” Pawar said. Said. Nagpur is the headquarters of RSS, the ideological leader of the BJP.

Today, Fadnabis announced that rebel Senna leader Enato Sinde will be the next Prime Minister of Maharashtra. He said he wasn’t part of the government, but he would support it from the outside, against the accumulated topic of leading the next government for over a week.

Just three hours later, two Prime Ministers were seen taking an oath with Mr. Cinde-on behalf of him.