Will Chief Minister Be Never Held Accountable?: Congress Over 2002 Gujarat Riots Case

Will the prime minister never be held accountable? : Congress over the 2002 riots

Saturday’s parliament will hold the prime minister or the state government accountable even if the state is thrown into a circle of pre-planned violence and riots the day after the Supreme Court upheld the SIT approval of then-Prime Minister Narendra. I asked if I would be. Modi of the 2002 riots.

The party said the Supreme Court’s verdict should not be politicized, but whether the riots in their jurisdiction are solely responsible for collectors or police officers, not their political masters. Asked.

“Will the chief minister, cabinet, and government be held accountable if the state is thrown into a circle of pre-planned violence and riots?” Asked Parliamentary Secretary Randeep Surjewala.

“Isn’t it the responsibility of police collectors and deputy chief cabinet secretaries, not political executives? So what is the constitutional and moral responsibility of the prime minister and the state government?” Surjewala asked.

This “New India” law states that “stopping or neglecting to act against violent people is not a viable basis for the state government. It is important to act on the input of intelligence activities. Not. ” “Did the Supreme Court at that time say,’As Rome burned, Nero tampered with’, or is it now? Is failure or negligence no longer legally feasible? Let the country think. “He said.