Wild elephants enter Nagaon DC's residential campus and destroy boundary walls

Wild elephants enter Nagaon DC’s residential campus and destroy boundary walls

Nagaon: Early Thursday morning, a wild male elephant from Dinchapoli entered the residential campus of Nagaon’s Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary. I also took a walk on the lawn and the orchard. Elephants also destroyed the boundaries of DC’s official bungalows, sources said.

Meanwhile, on-campus police immediately took the elephant off campus, after which wild jumbo was chased by forest personnel in a small town, during which time the elephant destroyed the entrance to the Nagaon Bengal Boys HS School. The elephants were then pushed back into the waters near Jashinfa Resort in Mori Colon by forest officials-Maruru Farmland added that the elephants entered Chacoligaon, crossed the colon, and then evacuated to the jungle of the Teriapovkata region. river.

The elephants remained in the Teriapovkata area until this report was submitted, and forest personnel from the Nagaon Forestry Department were stationed to monitor the movement of wild jumbo.

While talking to local media here, DFO Bhaskar Deka said the elephant was seen near Dhing a few days ago and then re-tracked in the Nagaon Jajori area on Wednesday. He said forest officials would try to escort elephants to the Laokuwa Protected Forests or elsewhere at night. But he urged the people in the area not to panic or hurt the elephants.

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