"Who is Senna trying to scare?": Eknath Shinde regarding disqualification notification

"When will you return to Maharashtra …": Rebel Senna MLA

Eknath Shinde rebels today claimed that the final number of SenaMLAs to support them would exceed 50. Kesarkar.

“One or two more MLAs will come and join us. With their support and other independents, our strength will increase to 51,” Kesarkar said by news agency ANI. Was done.

Rebels currently have more than 40 Senna MLAs, with a total of 55.

This afternoon, Uday Sawant became the ninth Maharashtra Minister to participate in the rebel camp. Rebels claim they have a two-thirds majority, which allows them to split the party in parliament without invoking a disqualification law.

The Thackeray faction received 16 MLA disqualification notices from the Vice-Chair.