"When everyone starts ...": G7 criticizes India's move to stop wheat exports

"When everyone starts …": G7 criticizes India’s move to stop wheat exports

On Saturday, the Minister of Agriculture of a group of seven industrialized nations condemned India’s decision to ban the export of unapproved wheat after the country was hit by a severe heat wave.

“If anyone imposes export restrictions or closes the market, the crisis will be exacerbated,” Germany’s agriculture minister, Gem Ozdemir, said in a press conference in Stuttgart.

India banned wheat exports on Saturday without prior government approval after hitting countries affected by the supply shortages of the war in Ukraine and the recent scorching temperatures hit production.

India, the world’s second-largest producer of wheat, said its “food security” is now a concern due to factors such as the decline in wheat production due to the war and rising global prices.

All export transactions agreed prior to the directive issued on Friday may still be respected, but all future cargo had to be approved by the government.