Wetland ecosystem services are of paramount importance: Parisal Suklabaidya

Wetland ecosystem services are of paramount importance: Parisal Suklabaidya

On the eve of World Environment Day, SAFE collaborates with the Progyan Foundation for Research and Innovation (PFRI) to create a platform synchronized with Mission Amrit Sarovar’s general policies and schemes to maximize stakeholder interests in a multifaceted way. Held Multistakeholders’ Workshop to produce Convergence.

Minister Scrubabidia, as Prime Minister, said he was in close agreement with Prime Minister’s “Mission Amrit Sarobar” on the conservation and restoration of wetlands and the sustainable use of resources by maintaining ecosystem services.

“In a climate crisis environment, wetlands can benefit humanity, and the importance and importance of wetland ecosystem services is a recent state program” Mission Amrit Surover “launched by the Prime Minister in Assam. Is emphasized fairly. We would like to continue the essence of this plan by revitalizing and revitalizing existing water bodies through multipurpose uses such as water supply, irrigation, fishing and recreational activities, “says Scruba Dia.

He said the workshop will greatly help build regional readiness in the northeastern part of the country by developing the capacity of scientific, economic and socio-political planning approaches to ecosystem pricing. It exudes an optimistic view.

Dr. Maranchaday, Senior Scientist of the South Asian Environmental Forum, gave a keynote speech, revealing the importance of Ecosystem Services (ES) in global policy through initiatives such as the Paris Agreement, the new REDD +, the Aichi Targets, and the SDGs. I said there is. “FAO (2019) reported that the lack of assessment of ecosystem services led to resource overfishing and lack of information decisions in Asia-Pacific countries. In the climatic environment, a basic plea for the multiple values ​​of ES. SAFE has extensively worked in eastern and northeastern wetlands, has an advantage over other regions, and has worked at the interface between communities and ecosystems, “said SAFE. He added that the site and the efforts on the island of the Majuri River were successful. Adaptive learning over time and space.

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