Well-known educator Balendranath Sarma recalled in Nagaon

Well-known educator Balendranath Sarma recalled in Nagaon

Nagaon: To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founders of prominent educators, national award winners, and major newspaper distributors in the central Assam region, the educator’s family, Balendranath Sarma, held a commemorative program here. Nagaon Sanscritic Prakarpa’s auditorium near Nagaonner Bali Field.

Naren Kalita, a prominent scholar of Sankari tradition and culture, Assamese short story Apurba Sarma, literary Upendra Borkatoki, senior journalists-Monuj Kr Goswami, Naresh Kalita, Prakash Mahanta celebrate this opportunity as an invitee and devoted to Balendranath Sarma. He also talked about life and unparalleled contributions. Towards the society of Great Nagaon.

During the program, the book Valendranat Salma Ziban al-Karma, which describes the life and works of Valendranat Salma, is also a prominent Assamese short story, Academi Sahitia. It was ceremonially released by the academi winner, Professor Appulva Salma. In his speech, Appulba Salma said Valendranat Salma created a hard-working atmosphere and encouraged people to read newspapers that had to spend a rough and tough time until the end of his life. ..

Lupac Salma, the only son of Valendranat Salma at the local MLA, said he lost his father at the age of 25 and tried to advance his ideology while giving a welcome greeting. During the program, MLA Rupak Sarma said that trust in the name of Lt Balendranath Sarma would soon begin.

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