Welcome to DID Little Master Navagit Narsary at KDSA Indoor Stadium

Welcome to DID Little Master Navagit Narsary at KDSA Indoor Stadium

KOKRAJHAR: Zee TVDID Little Master Nabajit Narzary Champion at KDSA Indoor Stadium on Tuesday, Central Committee, ABSU in collaboration with Kokrajhar District Committee, more than 30 organizations from various communities, institutions and universities congratulate Little Master Welcomed that. With traditional Aronai and Gamocha.

Narsary was taken to Bodfa House by ABSU in the morning. Hundreds of fans gathered at KDSA to welcome him. The program was also attended by BTC EM Ranjit Basumatary, MLA Lawrence Islary, Jiron Basumatary, and leaders from various organizations.

In his short speech, BTC EM Ranjit Basumatary welcomed the little master to be the champion of the competition at the request of his hard work. He praised Narsary’s parents for their help in winning the title of Little Master. He quoted the CEM of BTC Pramod Boro and said the council said it would award the following Jwhwlao Nileswar Brahma Award to Nabajit Narzary carrying citations, monuments and Rs. 20,000 rupees. He also hoped that Navagit would bring great inspiration to the next young man through his talent and do his best in the days to come. The Vice President of ABSU Kwrwmdao Wary congratulated Navagit with traditional Aronai, waistcoats and quotes.

Meanwhile, UPPL Pratibha Brahma’s Vice President is Chair of the Kokrajhar Municipal Board and also Secretary-General of Raju Kr. Narsary handed out Rs checks. 1,01,000 to Navagit.

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