Welcome programme organised of migratory birds in Dima Hasao

Welcome programme organised of migratory birds in Dima Hasao

HAFLONG: To unfold the messages of Save Jatinga Birds, the Atmosphere & Forest Division organised a Ceremonial Welcome programme of Migratory Birds to Dima Hasao at Jatinga Chicken Watching Centre within the august presence of NCHACC chief govt member, Debolal Gorlosa in Friday.

The programme was attended by Government Members Samuel Changsan, Nojit Kemprai, Ratan Jarambusa, Projith Hojai, MAC Fleming Rupsi, CCF M Tungnung, DFO Tuhin Langthasa Tanu Langthasa, GBs of Jatinga, N Leikuls and distinguished individuals of Jatinga.

CEM Gorlosa defined the significance of preservation of Jatinga birds and appealed to the folks to guard and protect the migratory birds visiting Jatinga throughout this phenomenon. He instructed the Forest division to be on vigil through the arrival of Migratory birds in order that nobody trigger any hurt to those winged visitors of Dima Hasao. He stated after the completion of the birds’ arrival, the Jatinga pageant shall be organised. He additionally steered holding adequate info concerning this mysterious chicken phenomenon within the type of audio-visuals in order that visiting vacationers can get to know in regards to the Jatinga birds phenomenon. CCF Tungnung assuring each attainable helps from the Forest division appealed to benefit from the Jatinga birds phenomenon with out inflicting any hurt to those winged visitors of Jatinga.

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