Assam Court withholds order on Gujarat MLA Zigneshmevani's bail plea

"We will be a police state": Jignesh Mevani Court Slum Assam Police Officer

Assam courts have severely criticized state police for attempting to involve Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani in the “manufactured case” of assault on female police officers.

Mevani, who was arrested in a “manufactured” assault on April 25, shortly after bail was granted by another Assam court in a case involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet, said today in Assam’s Barpeta court. Was released on bail.

The Sessions Court of Barpeta, in an order granting Mr. Mevani bail, urged the Gauhati High Court to petition independently for the recent police overrun in the state.

The BJP is in power in Assam, and Mr. Mevani claims that the ruling party was arrested on suspicion of a tweet arrest against Prime Minister Modi and subsequent assault on a female police officer.

The Sessions Court also requested the Assam Police to wear a body camera and order the Gauhati High Court to install a CCTV camera in the vehicle to capture the sequence of events when the accused was detained.

“It’s just unthinkable to turn our hard-earned democracy into a police state,” Judge Aparesh Chakrabolti, a court judge, said in an order. “Given the woman’s statement that the case was found to be true and recorded by a justice of the peace … otherwise, we would have to rewrite the country’s criminal law,” the court said. rice field.