Watch: Rare Black Tiger Marks Its Territory In Odisha National Park

Watch: Uncommon Black Tiger Marks Its Territory In Odisha Nationwide Park

A black tiger was seen marking its territory, in a uncommon sighting from Odisha’s Similipal Nationwide Park. It was seen leaving scratch marks on a tree within the 15-second clip posted on Twitter on the event of Worldwide Tigers Day.

“Sharing an attention-grabbing clip of a uncommon melanistic tiger marking its territory on worldwide Tigers day,” wrote Indian Forest Service Officer Susanta Nanda whereas sharing the clip.

The black or pseudo-melanistic tigers – with distinctive darkish stripe sample on a light-weight background of white or golden – are uncommon and have solely been camera-trapped in Similipal until date.

The officer, who is thought to share attention-grabbing wildlife movies on Twitter, stated the black tigers have a singular gene pool and the tiger reserve is poised for a restoration of their numbers.

The rationale behind the majestic black stripes of melanistic tigers is mutation. They’re Bengal tigers with a single base mutation in a specific gene. This mutation causes the tigers’ distinctive black stripes to enlarge and unfold into the orange background.