Watch: Lion Teases Lioness While Sleeping, Taught A Lesson

Watch: Lion Teases Lioness Whereas Sleeping, Taught A Lesson

Lions rule the wilderness with their thunderous roar and predatory intuition. Lions are magnificent and formidable however it appears that evidently even the king of the jungle is afraid of a lioness. Case and level, a video goes viral on the web of a lion teasing a lioness. A stressed lion didn’t let the drained lioness take her much-deserved afternoon nap, and he quickly confronted the results. 

The video exhibits a lioness peacefully sleeping in a forest, and a lion tip-toes in direction of the wild cat and tries to wake her up by biting her. This motion of the Lion made the lioness offended, and this made the large cat assault the lion, and roar at him. The lion will get afraid of the lioness and begins backing away from the outraged lioness. It appears the lion learnt his lesson, and can by no means disturb the lioness once more.  

Watch the video right here: 

The video was shared on Twitter by the person ‘bkbuc’ with the caption, “That is how the lion jokes”. The video has amassed over 142,000 views and 1,239 likes.