Watch: Assam Man Wades Through Waist-Deep Water To Greet Chief Minister

Watch: Assam man slips through his hips-greets the Prime Minister in the deep sea

Residents of Assam’s Silchar were walking in a deep flood today to greet Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma to visit the flood town and grasp the situation.

The man, who saw him clinging to the submerged gate, called out to Mr. Salma on an inflatable boat.

With the help of rescuers, he arrived at the Prime Minister’s ship and handed him “Gamsa,” a traditional Assam dress item.

“Someday I’ll come and have a cup of tea,” the Prime Minister promised when he received the “Gamsa.”

“The next time I visit Sirchar, I’ll come to your house,” he replied to another resident.