"Was Barasaheb there ...": MP-MLA couple hits Uddhav Thacke

"Was Barasaheb there …": MP-MLA couple hits Uddhav Thacke

Independent MP Navnito Lana and her husband, MLA Ravi Lana, arrested after trying to describe Hanuman Charisa outside Prime Minister Uddhav Thacke’s house, told Bibarud today that Maharashtra is in great danger. I’m exposed. ” .. The arrest took place in the midst of a dispute over the use of speakers during Azan, and state governments claimed that Lanas had instigated people and was trying to incite the dispute at the request of the BJP.

She has been accused of politicizing Hanuman Charisa, Ms. Lana told Bibarud, “Hanuman Charisa and Sanka Tomochan (also known as Sir Hanuman) remember whenever there was a great danger. I think Maharashtra is in great danger. “

Today, a Mumbai court sent a notice to the couple after police demanded that the bail be scrapped. Police alleged that the couple violated bail conditions by talking to the media about the case before visiting Delhi to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Lanas states that his visit to Delhi is intended to highlight the treatment he received in prison. Navneet Rana claimed that she was not allowed to receive treatment even with the advice of her doctor.

Regarding the days in prison and “women’s abuse,” Ravi Lana said, “If Barasaheb Thackeray was there, this would never have happened, but there is Uduff Thackeray who is scared of women.” ..