Opinion: Putin has been defeated in Ukraine, so this is how he exacerbates the war

Vladimir Putin tells Ukraine that Russia has only just begun its actions

Vladimir Putin told Ukraine to accept Moscow’s terms quickly or prepare for the worst. He also said that Russia had barely begun its actions. Five months has passed since the war in Ukraine began. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have fled their country to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused the most severe humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII. This has triggered international condemnation. However, Putin claimed that his forces are only warming up.

Sky News reported that Putin said during Thursday’s meeting with representatives of the Kremlin-controlled parliament, “It is a tragedy for Ukraine people but it seems like it’s headed in that direction.”

He stated, “All people should know that we haven’t yet begun anything serious in general,”

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Russian leaders also claimed that the West was fueling the hostilities. Putin stated that he was ready for talks to bring an end to the conflict, however he warned that it would be difficult to reach a settlement with the West if it takes too long.