Vistara Engine Fails Just After Bangkok Flight Lands In Delhi, All Safe

Vistara Engine fails just after landing in Delhi from Bangkok, all safe

After a Vistara plane from Bangkok touched down in Delhi, the engine failed. According to the airline, one of the engines suffered a minor electrical fault after landing at Indira Gandhi Airport on Tuesday. The passengers all are safe.

Yesterday’s incident happened when the Bangkok-Delhi plane UK-122 landed in Delhi. The aircraft had to be tow from the taxiway to its parking spot.

Engine number 2 of this aircraft was finally shut down after the runway had been cleared. Officials said that pilots wanted to single-engine-taxi using engine number 1 instead. Towing trucks were brought in to tow the aircraft back to the garage after engine 1 crashed at the end the taxiway.

According to airline, the crew decided that they would tow the plane to the parking lot in consideration of passenger safety.