Visit to members of Smriti Irani's Rahul Gandhi Wayanad is a hot topic

Visit to members of Smriti Irani’s Rahul Gandhi Wayanad is a hot topic

During a verbal war between Congress and the BJP over a video of Rahul Gandhi attending a party in Nepal, Federal Minister Sumriti Irani arrives at Parliamentary leader’s constituency Wayanad in the politics and kerala behind the trip. Caused speculation about BJP’s plans.

Obviously, the visit of the Minister of Women and Children Development as part of the Center’s ambitious district program is politically important at many levels.

Irani was in a fight with Gandhi in Ametti, Uttar Pradesh in a 2014 Lok Sabha vote, but faced a defeat. For the next five years she left no stone to turn this loss into her victory.

Her relentless campaign was rewarded both on the ground and on social media when she defeated Gandhi in Amethi in the 2019 Lok Sabha vote.

Parliamentary leaders maintained their position in the House of Representatives by winning in Wayanad, but the defeat at Amei’s family base was a massive loss of face.