Viral: Salman Khan Removes Shoes To Pay Tribute To Bal Thackeray

Virus: Salman takes off his shoes to pay homage to Baltakkelai’s portrait

Salman Khan, who participated in the trailer for the Marathi movie Dharamveer a few days ago, has a statue of Chatrapati Shiv Sena Maharaj and a portrait of Shiv Sena’s founder Barasaheb Thackeray, his wife Mina Thai Suckerley, and the late Anand Dige. I took off my shoes in honor of him. The movie mentioned above is based on anyone’s life. The video is curated by several fan pages dedicated to actors on social media. In addition to Salman Khan, Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thackley and his son Aditya attended the movie trailer release. Many movie stars were also filmed at this event.

Watch this video:

In addition to Salman Khan, his main Pia Kya co-star Bhagyashree and actor Jackie Shroff also attended the event. This is a video.