Viral Video: Goat Brought To Be Sold Cries And Hugs Owner

Viral Video: A Goat is Sold. Cries and Hugs the Owner

Social media has made a viral video showing a goat crying while its owner sells it. The video has gone viral on social media and you might be feeling the same. This video was posted to Twitter by @ram_vegan. It features a flute sound and the goat crying out like a baby, instead of bleating. The video was posted Friday and has been viewed nearly 24,000 times. It also received over 100 likes.

A Twitter user has yet to reveal the location from which the video was taken. However, he stated in the thread on Twitter that the video was taken during Eid Ul Adha, when the goat was being sold to the market.

Even animals that can’t talk have emotions and feelings. Even though they are unable to communicate, their love for their owner is strong. In one tweet, the user said that their heart hurts when they’re separated from their owners.