Flight Attendant Claims Snake Head Found In Plane Meal, Airline Launches Investigation

Airline Launches Probe Video of Severed Snake Head in In-Flight Meal

Recently, a flight attendant for a Turkey-based airline was horrified to discover a head of a severed snake in an on-board meal. 

According to One Mile At a Time (an aviation blog), the Independent, the bizarre incident happened on board a SunExpress flight that flew from Ankara in Turkey, to Dusseldorf in Germany on the 21st of July. A cabin crew member stated that the incident occurred while eating their crew meals when they discovered a small snake’s skull amongst their potato and vegetable dishes. 

Twitter shared a video showing the decapitated reptile’s head in the middle of a food tray. 

Have a look at the following: 

An airline response was immediately initiated by the airline following this horrifying incident. As per the outlet, a representative for SunExpress told the Turkish press that the incident was “absolutely unacceptable”. A representative for SunExpress stated that the airline had paused the contract with the incriminated food supplier, and that an investigation was also launched.