Viral Video Shows Giant Anaconda Wrapped Around Alligator, Brutal Fight For Survival Shocks Internet

Video Shows Anaconda Wrapped Around Alligator, Fight Shocks Internet

Anacondas depict the title snake as an intimidating and massive creature. Their size is enormous, and green anacondas can grow up to 30 feet long. Boas are members of the boa clan and they weigh in at 550 pounds. That’s equivalent to eleven schoolchildren. The sight of these terrifying creatures hunting can cause chills.

An internet video shows a large yellow anaconda wrap itself around Caiman in Brazil, which is a sub-species. Kim Sullivan, an Indiana native who captured the incredible sight in September 2013 and it has since gone viral.

Ms. Sullivan said that the 40-minute battle between the crocodiles, snakes, and along Cuiaba River’s banks lasted in the video.

An anaconda is constricting the crocodile more, making it struggle to breathe. Photographer, who was present at the entire struggle, wrote previously on social media that Caiman fell under water to release itself, and that anaconda’s tip tried to help it get more air.

After some time, the crocodile was freed but Ms Sullivan said that it could still be seen with its throat engulfed by the huge snake. The crocodile was eventually freed and went back under for some time. She also mentioned that the anaconda came to rest on the riverbank, and it slithered into its hole.