Video: Puck's Hasanabad Bridge collapses after heat waves cause floods

Video: Puck’s Hasanabad Bridge collapses after heat waves cause floods

Pakistan’s historic Hassanabad Bridge collapsed on Saturday after a heat wave caused a glacial lake to release a large amount of water into a stream. According to the Independent, the bridges in the Gilgit-Baltistan region were hit by erupting floods, stalling thousands of locals and tourists. No immediate injuries have been reported.

A video shared by Pakistan’s Minister of Climate Change and Senator Sherry Rehman shows a dramatic picture of a bridge collapsing as water levels rise. In the caption, Ms. Lehmann reported that the bridge on the Karakolam Highway had collapsed as the Sishpar Glacier near Mount Sishpar in northern Pakistan melted.

The video showed a torrent of water that hit the concrete of a historic bridge and led to a collapse. Independent reported that after the incident, local police diverted traffic to another route and banned large transport vehicles.

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