Video: Panic in a SpiceJet aircraft in violent eddy

Video: Panic in a SpiceJet aircraft in violent eddy

Horrible footage emerged from inside a SpiceJet aircraft from Mumbai that faced heavy eddy on Sunday night during a descent at Durgapur Airport in West Bengal.

The moment of the panic captured by the camera showed the belongings and oxygen masks scattered on the floor of the aircraft as the airplane passed through the rough patch. Even carry-on baggage fell on the passengers.

At least 17 people were injured, including 14 passengers and 3 crew members. Some of them had head injuries and received seams, said the Director of Civil Aviation Bureau (DGCA) of the Aviation Regulatory Authority. One passenger complained of spinal cord injury.

Passengers received medical assistance as soon as they arrived at Durgapur, a SpiceJet spokeswoman said.

“There were three cramps during the descent, which were more intense than what happened in the car,” explained a passenger who saw his head in a bandage.