Video: Woman

Video: Female Gesture on Encounter with Rahul Gandhi After Waiting All Day

Rahul Gandhi was seen shaking hands with an elderly woman today while visiting a member of his Lok Sabha, Wayanad, Kerala. Her visibly overwhelmed woman was seen lovingly touching the cheeks of a member of parliament. A video of the sweet moment between the two is doing a round on Twitter.

She has been waiting for a glimpse of him from this morning, hearing a voice in the video.

In the 16-second clip, a woman was seen sitting on the ground and surrounded by a group of people.

Rahul Gandhi, who has been visiting his constituency for three days, also visited his office, which was recently destroyed by the Students’ Federation of India or SFI (Ruling Party CPI (M) Student Division) activists.

“Everywhere in the country, we see the idea that violence solves the problem, and violence never solves the problem … it’s not a good thing .. they acted irresponsibly. , I have no anger or hostility towards them, “he said.