Video: Father Carries Baby In Waist-Deep Water In Flood-Hit Assam

Video: Father carries a baby on his hips-deep water in the flood-beats Assam

In a video of the suffering of the flooded Assam people, the father was seen crossing a submerged street with his newborn.

But when he was walking in the water as deep as Sirchar’s waist, the harsh conditions could not get rid of the smile from his face.

The user who shared the video even compared it to Vasudeva, who carried Lord Krishna’s baby and crossed the Yamuna River.

“Every day is Father’s Day!” The user tweeted.

Assam has witnessed a catastrophic flood affecting more than 470,000 rupees in 32 of the 36 districts. Moreover, more than 80 people have died in state floods and landslides.