Video: Amber Heard's tense moment when he meets Johnny Depp

Video: Amber Heard’s tense moment when he meets Johnny Depp

Amber Heard-Johnny Depp’s court battle is causing all the turmoil. She claimed she had been sexually assaulted by the bottle when she heard that she had an explosive exposure on Thursday about her abusive relationship with Depp.

After that tragic testimony, both stars met in court, and tense moments are becoming viral on the Internet.

36-year-old Hiard was walking from the witness stand after collapsing while explaining the sexual assault case against the court’s allegations when Depp stood up and appeared to walk to the stand in her direction. .. The Pirates of the Caribbean Star has a blind left eye and a myopic eye on the right.

Heard, who appeared to be frightened and shivering, stepped back from her ex-husband and warned him not to approach him before court officials reached out to Depp.