Vehicles distributed under the CM's local transport scheme in the Narvali district

Vehicles distributed under the CM’s local transport scheme in the Narvali district

Narbari: On Wednesday, the second phase of the selection under the Prime Minister’s Local Transportation Plan 2020 was held on the premises of the department’s office in the Narbari district.

Of the 116 beneficiaries, 22 were officially distributed vehicles. The event was sponsored by the Narbari District Transport Bureau under the auspices of District Transport Officer Seemanta Bora. The Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary urged beneficiary drivers to follow all road safety-related guidelines and not drive these vehicles on national roads.

Additional Superintendent (ASP) Alindita Gogoi also emphasized compliance with all rules and regulations while driving. He sought everyone’s help to maintain law and order.

State Transport Minister Chandra Mohan Patwari urged all beneficiaries and the general public to become conscious citizens by following all road safety-related guidelines to prevent road accidents. In his speech, he said that the mortality rate in road accidents was much higher than the number of people who died because of COVID-19. He also urged all drivers to register their vehicles on time and properly comply with traffic safety rules and regulations. He urged all motorcycle drivers to wear helmets and urged relevant authorities to take the necessary legal action and fines those who violate these rules.

The Minister will benefit all beneficiaries from a 25% government subsidy aimed at using vehicles properly, increasing transport in rural areas and finding new directions for independence. Asked him to do his best. The first phase of the scheme began in the Narvali district in October 2020, with 20 beneficiaries already receiving the vehicle.

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