Various varieties of birds flock to Jatinga

Jatinga is home to many bird species.

Jatinga’s world-famous bird phenomena, the HAFLONG, began when winged visitors arrived, including three-toed kingfisher and black drango. However, they were much smaller in number. It began on Tuesday at 11.17pm and continued until 1 AM on Wednesday. The dense fog created a favorable environment for birds at all the locations around Jatinga.

Many people witnessed Jatinga’s mysterious bird phenomenon and appealed to others to help them raise awareness of the importance of Jatinga’s winged visitors and encourage everyone to visit Jatinga.

Jatinga was home to 42 different bird species, such as tiger bitterns, purple moorhens, green pigeons and whistling Teals. According to experts, the decline in birds that visit Jatinga may be due to changes in climate and disruptions on their migration routes. Section 144 CrPC was already enforced by the district administration. It prohibits use of high power lights in Jatinga.

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