Varanasi's Gambapi Mosque: The court decides which of the two issues to hear first

Varanasi’s Gambapi Mosque: The court decides which of the two issues to hear first

The court of the Supreme Court of Varanasi said it would hear the Gambapi Mosque proceedings at the Supreme Court’s order and would first hear the Mosque Commission’s allegations today that filming inside the mosque was illegal. The case hearing process begins on Thursday, with the issue of “maintainability” coming first. He also ordered both sides to submit an affidavit against the investigation report within a week.

The Mosque Commission states that filming at the mosque violates the 1991 law prohibiting changes in the character of any place of worship in the country. He wanted to hear the “maintainability” proceedings that the court agreed to first.

In an order passed on Friday, the Supreme Court called on the Varanasi Court to prioritize the investigation at Gambapi Mosque and whether the petition that led to the investigation was “sustainable.”

“I told the court that it was the Supreme Court’s duty to first hear our application that the case could not be maintained. I read my application and the Supreme Court’s order. The lawyer said he needed more paperwork and time to challenge our application, but I said that sustainability must be determined first, “said the mosque. The association’s lawyer, Abhay Nath Yadav, told Bibarud on Monday.

Earlier last week, a lawyer representing a Hindu petitioner claimed that “siblings” were found during a videotaping survey of the Gannva Pimosque-Schlinger Gauri complex.