Unpaid employees of PHE demand normalization of work, release of salary due to overdue

Unpaid employees of PHE demand normalization of work, release of salary due to overdue

LAKHIMPUR: The Lakhimpur district unit of All Assam PHE Unsalaried Employees’ Union has requested the state government to normalize the duties of the employees involved and to release salaries on a regular basis along with late fees.

In support of these demands, members of the employee organization launched a three-hour long protest program on Thursday in front of the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary’s office from 10 am to 1 pm. In particular, these employees in the Public Health Engineering (PHE) sector have been serving as pump operators for local water plans for 11/12 years without paying. Last time, some of these employees were paid five months’ salary in 2015-16 through a user committee bank account. These employees in the districts under the Lakhimpur and Ghilamora departments are refraining from providing services by boycotting offices and workplaces from June 2nd.

In this regard, the association’s secretary, Kiran Chettiar, has informed that the organization has sent a representative to an executive engineer to learn more about the government’s notice issued regarding the normalization of duties. .. However, the executive engineer allegedly cheated on the representative, filed a false accusation against him, and filed a proceeding with the police station. Indignant unpaid employees gerao the executive engineer’s office on June 2, and since then they have boycotted the office and workplace. As a result, the supply of water to consumers was interrupted due to insufficient attitudes of the state government and the PHE sector to solve the problems of the employees involved during the time when the federal government was aiming for pure water supply. it was done. Drink water to all homes under the Jal Jeevan Mission.

By protesting on Thursday, the organization will submit a memorandum of understanding to Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rakinpur to begin immediate measures to normalize the work of employees and release their salaries along with delinquency charges. Requested to. Through the same memorandum, the organization further demanded that salaries be paid through the employee’s personal bank account rather than through the user committee’s bank account. On false charges, the Empire’s investigation into alleged corruption in the implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme began, the release of compensation for employees who died due to short circuits while providing services, and numerous other requests.

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