Putin Accuses Ukraine Of

Ukrainian Flood Village to Stop Russia’s Advance in Kyiv: Report

The invading Russian troops have had limited success, even two months after the war with a small neighbor in Ukraine. Much of the opposition to the Kremlin stems from strong resistance from Ukrainian troops that have been supported by Western weapons, but national citizens have also played a role in delaying Russia’s advance into Kyiv.

One such desperate attempt to achieve a “tactical victory” over Moscow involves the deliberate flooding of the village leading to Kieu. The New York Times reported that movements by residents of Demidib purchased valuable military time to thwart Russian tank attacks on Kyiv and prepare for defense.

Residents of Demidib, a village north of Kyiv, proudly say that their strategic interests outweighed their difficulties, despite the floods causing havoc in the village.

“Everyone understands and won’t regret it for a second,” says retired Antonina Cost, whose living room is now a musty space with water flowing about a foot above the wall. Uchenko was reportedly saying the United States every day.

“We saved Kyiv,” said another resident.