Ukraine says it has regained control of "The entire Kyiv region"

Ukraine War Must End for People All Over the World: UN Chief

The United Nations and some countries called for the end of Russia’s war in Ukraine on Thursday, but little was mentioned about reviving the apparently deadlocked peace talks between the two countries.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a violation of its territorial integrity and the Charter of the United Nations,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a US-sponsored Security Council meeting.

“It must be done for Ukraine, Russia, and the people of the world,” he added.

Guterres recently visited Moscow and Kieu to advocate the evacuation of civilians from the tattered port city of Mariupol, where hundreds of people could escape from the weekend.

The majority of Security Council members, including China, the United States, Ireland, France and Mexico, called for the end of the conflict months ago.