UK PM Boris Johnson Fires Senior Minister After He Tells Him To Resign

Boris Johnson, UK PM, Fires Senior Minister after He Told Him to Resign

Boris Johnson, Britain’s scandal-hit Prime minister tried a rearguard offensive against the rebel cabinet and Conservative party. He fired a key ally and promised to fight on despite resignations of dozens.

It was clear that Johnson’s right-hand man during Britain’s referendum campaign in 2016 — Communities Secretary Michael Gove – was being fired from his cabinet.

Sky News’ James Duddridge, Johnson’s private secretary in Parliament, said that he was going to “see him come out fighting”, while also confirming Gove’s dismissal.

Duddridge added that “the prime minister is buoyant and will fight for his country” and said Johnson would unveil next week a new strategy to counter the rising cost of living in Britain.

Johnson was then hit within hours by another cabinet resignation, this time after over 40 departures from government agencies since Tuesday. Simon Hart, Welsh Secretary, quit.