UK Pigeon Found 4,000 Miles Away In US After Getting Lost Flying Home

UK Pigeon Lost in Flight Home, Found 4,000 Miles In The USA

Bob, a racing pigeon from the UK, was lost on his flight back to Tyneside in Tyneside. He ended up about 4,000 miles from home. 

The homing peacock set sail from Guernsey, Channel Islands three weeks ago. The race was to return him to the north east of England. He should have returned in about 10 hours. The prized pigeon disappeared and nobody knew what happened.

On July 6, an elderly man discovered the bird in his backyard in Mexia in Monrow County, Alabama.

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BBC reported that after the pigeon wouldn’t leave his yard, the man phoned the nearest animal shelter and they removed him. Bob, who was wearing distinct leg bands, was found by the shelter to have been in the United Kingdom.