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Uddhav Thackley "Very upset" After Eknath Shinde overturned a big decision

Hours after he took office as Prime Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde moved to overturn the Udafturkley government’s position on the controversial Metro Carshed project in Mumbai. Uddhav Thackley, Cinde’s former boss, said he was “extremely upset” and urged the government not to overturn plans for the metro car shed.

Mr. Cinde has instructed Justice Ashtosh Kumbakoni to submit in court that the Metro Carshed will be built in the Early Colony as planned for 2019 under the Devendra Banhartvis administration.

“A lot of work is being done, but the garage is stuck and the metro cannot be put into operation. The last government-selected site is in dispute. At the site we proposed to build a car. 25% of the work is done. For the benefit of Mumbai, the garage should only be built there. That is why our government decided to build a garage there. “Deputy Prime Minister Devendra Fadnabis said.

Mr. Thackeray reminded the new administration that this would be a direct attack in the center of Mumbai.

“I’m very angry. If you’re angry with me, spit out your anger. But don’t stab Mumbai in your heart. Early’s decision was overturned. I’m very angry. This isn’t my personal belongings, “said Thackeray.