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Uddhav Thacke’s resignation does not make us happy: Rebel MLA

Uddhav Thackeray’s resignation from the Prime Minister’s post today said Uddhav Thackeray’s resignation from the Prime Minister’s post “is not a matter of joy for us,” the rebel MLA at the Eknath Shinde camp said today. “Uddhav Thacke didn’t pay attention to the problem we pointed out,” faction spokesman Deepak Kesserker said in an exclusive interview with Bibarud. “Sharad Powerle approached him. Shiv Sinix went away,” he added.

“It’s sad that we were angry with the leader while we were fighting the NCP and Congress, because NCP and Sanjay Raut (of Shiv Sena) speak to the central government every day. That’s a bad blood between the central government and the state. ”

The rebellion by Eknath Shinde and the 50 MLAs who support him (40 of whom are from Shiv Sena) marked the end of the government led by Shiv Sena.

After eight days of political turmoil, Mr. Thackeray resigned from the top post tonight after the Supreme Court ruled that the Supreme Court would have to take a floor test tomorrow according to the governor’s orders. Team Thackeray went down to about 15 MLAs following Mr. Cinde’s rebellion, asking the court to stop the floor test.

“There are many lawmakers who are angry because of Congress and the NCP,” Kesserker said. “The NCP state president once went to our area and announced the names of his people. It was thanks to us that these people came to power … every night San Gairut was abusive. (Center). People were upset. I prayed that we had no such spokesperson in the party. “