RSS-Linked Muslim Body Demands Death Penalty For Udaipur Tailor

Udaipur Tailor Murder: A crowd in Jaipur court, a murderer attacked by a lawyer

A large mob outside the courts of Jaipur attacked two people today accused of the horrific murder of tailor Kanhaiya Lal. Kanhaiyaral, 48, was killed by two men who filmed the killings on Tuesday.

Later, Rias Actari and Goss Mohammad released another video that boasted about the murder and threatened to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Two more people allegedly involved in the reconnaissance of the Kanhaiya store and the plot to kill him were also later arrested.

The court today granted the National Investigation Agency (NIA) custody of the murderer until July 12.

A few days before the killing, Kanhaiya Lal told local police that he had been threatened with a social media post shared from his account.