Udaipur Murder: Cops Reject

Udaipur Murder: Police reject allegations of “murderer serving Biryani in prison”

Media reports claiming that the two men, who were accused of killing a tailor in Udaipur over the post of the Prophet Muhammad, would serve Biryani in prison, were summoned as fake by Rajasthan police.

A fake article posted on the Hindi news website said, “After being arrested, two Udaipur murderers were served Biryani in Rajasthan prison. What if they were in UP (Utta Pradesh)? I wonder?”

The article was tweeted by many, including the news channel anchors who are currently deleting posts.

“Fake news is widespread. This is absolutely wrong. In Udaipur, strict measures are taken against criminals. Police do not treat criminals kindly. We take state law and order. I promise to keep it, “tweeted in Hindi, along with a screenshot of a fake news web page shared by a Rajastan police-verified handle.

The day after the fierce protest, police said the situation in Udaipur was mild, except for sporadic minor incidents.