Video: Panic in a SpiceJet aircraft in violent eddy

Two SpiceJet passengers in ICU after turbulence crew off roster for probe

Two of the passengers injured in the eddy faced by the Mumbai-Durgapur flight during the landing on Sunday were admitted to the intensive care unit, according to a memo released today by the Director of Civil Aviation. Civil aviation regulators have deleted the list of two SpiceJet personnel who allowed the aircraft to move from Durgapur to Kolkata.

According to DGCA, 14 passengers were injured during the descent, with injuries to the head, spine, shoulders, forehead and face.

“Two of the passengers are in the ICU in Durgapur. One of the passengers is admitted to the Diamond Hospital with a head injury and the other is in the mission hospital with a spinal cord injury,” the memo read.

A memo from DGCA investigating the incident reveals the horrifying details of the landing where the autopilot was released and the flight had to be manually controlled.