Landslide and flood batter Assam summer resort

Two police officers were swept away by the Assam flood

Two police officers were washed away in a flood in the Nagaon district of Central Assam on Sunday night. The incident took place in the Kanpur area late Sunday night.

According to police, two members of the team, including the officer, were flooded when a team at the Kampur police station, led by a police officer, went to investigate the case late Sunday night. ..

The body of the police officer has been recovered, but Kanpur police officers are still missing.

The State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF), fire and emergency services, and police teams are engaged in search and rescue operations to find missing police officers.

The victim was identified as Rajib Bordoloi, and the name of the missing police officer is Samujjal Kakati.

Deputy Inspector Hem Chandra Mahanta said, “This is a very tragic incident. The telephone conversation with Lord OC continued until 10:30 pm on Sunday. The incident was that they were. It happened when I went to investigate. “