2 Fake Telephone Exchanges Busted In Assam

Two fake telephone operators bust in Assam

Two fake telephone exchanges that were illegally sending foreign calls to India were arrested by Assam police today. Three people were arrested in connection with a racket running in Guwahati.

“We seized various numbers of channels, routers, servers, computer setups, and three mobile phone Reliance Jio SIP trunk devices. The arrested accused was racketed using Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Police officials were circumventing the legitimate international and domestic gateways of Indian telecom service providers because UPS was illegally sending foreign calls in India. “

The accused who were arrested were identified as Aditya Kumar (25), Birendra Baruah (26), and Rajesh Siva (25).

Aditya Kumar, a resident of the Bamunimaidan Railroad Colony under the Chandmari Police Station, was the administrator of Haygot Services Private Ltd. On behalf of the company, he has been running an illegal racket remotely controlled by people based in Hyderabad since December 2021.

Similarly, Birendra Baruah, who lives in Basistha, Guwahati, has been running illegal call routing rackets since November 2021.

Another accused, Rajesh Siva (resident of Guwahati, Chamoguri, Lalmati), has also had another illegal call routing racket since April 2022 while being an office administrator for another company in Banikpara, Guwahati. I was running.