2 Assam Cops Killed In Flood Rescue Op, Police Says

Two Assam police officers were killed in a flood rescue operation, police say "Salute your courage"

The bodies of two police officers washed away by a flood in the Nagaon district of Central Assam on Sunday night were recovered on Monday.

According to Assam police, a team at the Kampur police station engaged in rescue operations late Sunday night when Deputy Inspector Samjar Kakoti and Constable Rajiv Boldroy were swept away by the flood.

Rajiv Bordoloi’s body was recovered, but Samujjal Kakoti remained missing. His body was later recovered by the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) on Monday morning.

“We pay tribute to your courage and courage. UB Constable Rajiv Boldroy of Nagaon DEF. You sacrificed your life without hitting your eyelids. Your selfless behavior is the future generation of @assampolice. We bow with sadness and gratitude. We wrote GP Singh, Assam Special DGP (Law and Order) on Twitter.