Twitter Hired Indian Government Reps Who Could Access Data: Whistleblower

Twitter hired Indian government representatives who could access data: Whistleblower

A former Twitter Inc. executive has claimed that Twitter had inadequate data protections, raising concerns among cyber-experts and lawmakers that the vulnerabilities may pose a danger to national security.

Peiter Zaktko, a former security chief who is also known as Mudge, complained to US authorities about “egregious weaknesses” in his company’s ability defend against attackers.

Zatko made the most damaging claims about the company, which was terminated earlier in the year due to poor performance. He claimed that they used obsolete software and that managers didn’t know how much access employees had. Zatko claimed that Twitter could be vulnerable to foreign government espionage and suggested some employees may work for intelligence agencies.

According to a New York Republican, John Katko said that these allegations could pose serious threats to national security, privacy, or election security. He also called for an urgent investigation.

The most astonishing claim is that Zatko stated that approximately half of company employees had full access to Twitter’s servers. This allowed insiders access to the website and user data with very little oversight. In an interview with the Washington Post—which, along with CNN, first reported on the whistle-blower disclosures—Zatko expressed concern that such a vulnerability could have given a Twitter employee who sympathized with Jan. 6, 2021, insurrectionists the ability to somehow go rogue.